Registration for our 2018-2019 season is now closed. Please keep us in mind for next year! Registration usually opens back up about mid-August and rehearsals usually begin in September. If you'd like to receive an email alerting you to when registration is opening up again, please email us at [email protected].com to let us know. Thank you!

We welcome musicians of all backgrounds. Perhaps you're just starting out, or have a great deal of experience, we'd be thrilled to have you! Here are some membership nuts and bolts:
Membership dues are expected within the first month of rehearsals per semester. Alternative payment arrangements can be made with the Membership Chair, if necessary.
It is the sincere desire of the Board of Directors that all interested members have the opportunity to join Sound & Spirit.  Therefore, financial assistance is available. Please speak to the Membership Chair at the start of the semester.
Dues are expected to be paid regardless of when a member joins during the season, there is no pro-ration of dues. Dues are non-refundable.
Cash and checks will be accepted by the Membership Chair before or at Sound & Spirit’s first rehearsal.  Credit card payments may be made through the on-line registration site
Members are required to complete a registration form at the beginning of each semester to provide contact information.  Please inform the Membership Chair if any of your contact information changes during the semester.
The Sound & Spirit board will communicate with members regularly by email, our Facebook page, and through announcements at rehearsals. Phone calls or handouts will be available for those without email – please notify a member of the Board of Directors if this is required.
Current members of Sound & Spirit may contact our 
Social Committee for social event ideas, or for special recognition for other members like birthdays, thinking of you or get well cards.
For a copy of the Membership Handbook, please click

If you are already a member of Sound & Spirit and you're looking for our 2018 - 2019 Rehearsal Schedule and our Membership Forms, please click